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 Kenny Feidler and The Cowboy Killers mix Feidler's dark and stormy cowboy lyrics with an alt country sound.  Their live performances overflow with the gravel and emotion of Feidler's vocals  backed by a full on rock n roll band. 

As an independent artist, Feidler has earned listeners in over 61 countries with over 18 million streams and counting.  They have performed in support of American Aquarium, The Dirty River Boys, Ned Ledoux, and Sam Outlaw among others. 


The Wildest Things 2019

The Cowboy Killers 2019

Singing Buffalo Sessions 2017

Orange Ribbons 2016

Lucky Foxes 2015

Lucky Buck Sessions 2013

Barrel Racer Land 2013

Rodeo Bum 2013


Spotify Listeners Last 28 Days 

(updated 11/27/19)

92,514 Monthly Listeners

  1. Dallas 9.5k

  2. Houston 5.5k

  3. Chicago 3.5k

  4. Atlanta 2.8k

  5. Denver 2k

  6. Minneapolis 1.7k

  7. Kansas City 1.6k

  8. Austin 1.4k

  9. Los Angeles 1.3k

  10. Seattle 1.3K

  11. Omaha 1.2k

  12. Fort Worth 1.1k

  13. Salt Lake City 1.1k

  14. San Antonio 1k

  15. San Francisco 1k